The purpose of these blogs posts is to give young professionals the basic financial advice they need to become wealthy.

Which is: Spend less than you earn and invest the difference.

Invest in what?

Low-cost Index funds that generate a 5% annual return plus inflation for a gross total of say 7% . Given that inflation is generally 2% per annum.

Low-cost is where the Total Expense Ratio of the Index fund is around 0.0025% per annum or less. In plain English, the annual fee a low-cost provider of Index funds like Vanguard might charge a UK customer to manage their account would be as little as £250 per year for every £100,000 of assets their account holds.

By contrast, certified Financial Planners typically charge 10 x that amount or £2,500 per year for every £100,000 of assets they manage as intermediaries on your behalf.