A lot of people take an easy swipe at books with the swimming metaphor…”you can’t learn to swim on dry land” and from that (impeccable) logic they proceed to say that “you can’t learn about the real world from a book”.

Well, they’re right – about the swimming.

But 95% wrong about everything else.

The whole history of modern civilization is about past and current generations building upon the findings, the concepts and ideas of their predecessors and their peers. Which they find in books.

There’s an efficiency and depth about books that can save you years and even decades of wasted time, that can accelerate your focus and illuminate your path.

Not all readers are leaders. But most leaders are readers.

The price of admission to all this enduring value?

From as little as 99p with the Kindle app on your phone or laptop. Or under £10 -typically – if you prefer the paperback versions of these books.

And if you could only ever get to read two books in the next five years, then I’d suggest The One Thing and The Art of A Good Life.

Work and Career

The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now

Designing Your Life: Build The Perfect Career, Step by Step

Personal Productivity

The One Thing

Life Skills

The Art of A Good Life

The Checklist Manifesto


The Obstacle Is The Way

Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart

Good Habits

Atomic Habits

UK Personal Finance Books

You’re Not Broke, You’re “Pre-Rich”

Go Fund Yourself