Emergency Fund

19% of UK citizens have no savings at all. Zero, zip, zilch, nada, nothing.

So, as soon as you have £1 of savings you’ll be in the 20th percentile . And you’ll be in a much higher percentile when you have £10, £100, and eventually 3 x your Total Monthly Spend…

…because, in Anonymous Dad’s world, a proper Emergency Fund is “equal to and not less than” three times your Total Monthly Spend.

Emergency Fund =3 x TMS

Once you fully decide not to suck at money, the very first thing you should do is focus on creating on Emergency Fund.

You need to test your own resolve. Your actual commitment to these ideas and principles. And creating your own Emergency Fund is the place to start.

If you’ve never saved before in your life, your Emergency Fund is the launch pad, the base camp of your climb to FU Money.

When to Use Your Emergency Fund. Some Examples.