FU Money

“What do you think will satisfy the soul, except to walk free and own no superior ?”

walt whitman

I think FU Money is the key to financial freedom and career freedom for any young professional.

“Fuck You” Money is the fully-funded “I’m out of here” asset pile that means you can walk free and own no superior.

FU Money = 30 x your Total Monthly Spend

Having FU Money distinguishes you. Not in a bling or humble-brag sort of way. But in a rock-solid, “stealth wealth” way, that has multiple practical implications.

Freedom to move: move jobs, move cities, move countries. On your agenda. To your own plan.

And because you can do any or all of those things, the likelihood is that most often, you won’t.

Getting to FU money in your mid-thirties is a combination of modesty and motivation. Modesty to have a low lifestyle index, and motivation to keep your eyes on the prize through the slow years of building your “stash”.

FU Money is such a significant achievement. An incredible achievement really.

Achieving a 3-month Emergency Fund is a good start, but getting to an investment pot equivalent to 30 months of your Monthly Total Spend is another level. Especially as compound interest will have had little time to work its magic.

“Excellent things are rare”


Excellent things are rare. Yet attainable.

And the excellent thing about FU Money, apart from the freedom it bestows on you, is that you have proved to yourself that you have the commitment and the smarts to reach full Financial Independence.

Then, the only thing between you and Financial Independence is time – you already have shown that you have the patience and the processes required to do this.

And of course, you now have compound interest and that stash of FU Money “fighting” for you in your corner.

Just the head start and encouragement you need for the longer haul to Financial Independence.

“That’s the magic behind FU money: you can take more risk and enjoy more potential reward, while simultaneously hedging yourself against the worst case scenario”

joel (FI180.com)