If you like what you’ve read in the preceding chapters, here’s some online videos and articles to check out.

Videos Worth A Watch

How To Become A Millionaire

” Big liquidity event” = a big inheritance / selling your tech company to Microsoft / winning the lottery…
” Your burn” = your spending habits. (See Total Monthly Spend in Chapter 2.0)

Atomic Habits

“You don’t need more money, you just need better financial habits.”
And when you get more money, guess what? Your better financial habits will already be in place. Win-Win.

FU Money Explained in Under Two Minutes

Don’t sweat the details. It’s a comedy sketch, after all.
That said, this spoof and the original film script defines FU Money as $2.5 million dollars (!!) In 2014 (film release date) that amount equates to “Financial Independence” not FU Money.
Your actual FU Money is likely a lot, lot less than $2.5m.
And JL Collins clearly prefers renting to owning a house.

The Simple Path to Wealth

Listen to how simple -yet powerful – investing in Index funds can be…and not an F-bomb in sight…

Pay Off Your Mortgage or Invest in Index Funds?

The choice is yours. You could do a bit of both…regardless this is a very measured analysis of the options a home-owner / index investor has in front of them.

Why Blogs Were Invented?

If blogs hadn’t been invented, mankind would need to invent them. If only to provide a platform for the game-changing ideas and inspiration provided by these people.

Monevator and The Escape Artist

The two UK masters of personal finance.

Both of them are over 40, maybe over 50. They’ve punched past FU Money and are now in the uplands of Financial Independence.
So, they’ve walked a longer walk than Anonymous Dad, and are rightly qualified to “talk the talk”.

But being British and 15 or more years older than the target readership of this blog, they’re a tad eccentric and not always politically correct.

But who cares?
They’re funny, clever and competent. Here are some of my favourite articles from their acerbic keyboards:

The Escape Artist

The 3 numbers that can make you a millionaire

How to build a compounding machine


Why you must get out and stay out of debt

The really obvious thing we all forget when borrowing money

MMM and Morgan Housel

Morgan Housel: a wonderful writer, with a global perspective and an ability to weave the best of behavioural economics silently and seamlessly into his writing without the reader even noticing.

Mr. Money Mustache (Pete Adeney): the pot-smoking, bike-riding, car-hating, wood-working Maven of Money.

He reached financial independence at freakin’ 30. Years of age. Not 30 x TMS.

He’s an outlier that has inspired tens of thousands more outliers to strive for financial independence in the good ‘ole USA.

Yet he’s very analytical and extremely numerate. He’s the Yang to Morgan Housel’s Yin.

Mr. Money Mustache

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement

Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

Morgan Housel

Realistic Personal Finance Hacks

Financial Advice For My New Daughter

Save Like A Pessimist, Invest Like An Optimist