The right books can save you years of wasted time.

Highly Recommended

All you need to know about personal productivity.
A tapestry of practical advice, with 52 separate-yet-related themes. Taking examples from stoicism, behavioural economics and financial risk management.
How to understand the behaviour of human institutions (religions, governments, armies, political movements and corporations) and the specific games (Virtue / Dominance / Success) they employ. And how such macro-level games play out in our own lives.

Personal Finance Books 

A book with "FU Money" on its cover. Lots of life-hacks around saving money. Lots of detail around UK investment options.
Another UK-centric personal finance book. Explores your relationship to money in some detail, but then pivots smoothly to the more practical aspects of money management: earning, spending, saving and investing.
Morgan Housel is one of the best finance writers in the world. Which explains why this book has sold over two million copies.

More Books Worthy of Consideration

        • Atomic Habits by James Clear
        • Designing Your Life: Build The Perfect Career
          by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans
        • The Checklist Manifesto by Atul Gawande
        • The Obstacle Is The Way by Ryan Holiday