This collection of downloads may mean you “Don’t Suck At Money” as much as your peers.

So, for that reason only, they’re perhaps worth closer inspection…

Standard Personal Finance

5 minute read that summarises the idea of the blog.
Spend less than you earn. Get out of debt. Get after FU Money.

10 minute read. “If you don’t know your numbers, you’re not a player”

Basic budgeting using Excel. Automatically calculate your Percentage Savings Rate.

Bitcoin-Biased “Orangepapers”

3 minute read. For when the Bitcoin price drops- hard !! Why that does & doesn’t matter.

3 minute read. Instead of “chicken 5 ways”, here’s 5 “WTF” ways to frame Bitcoin.

4 minute read. Anonymous Dad puts “skin in the (bitcoin) game”…

8 minute read. Three decades of financial sleepwalking. A gradual awakening.

A cautionary tale with a hopeful ending.