If you like what you’ve read in the preceding chapters, here’s some online videos and articles to check out.

Videos Worth A Watch

A New York professor tells it like it is…


” A big liquidity event” is how Prof Galloway describes getting a big inheritance or selling your tech company to Microsoft or even winning the lottery.” Your burn” is his business-like description of your monthly spend.

Atomic Habits

“It’s actually the people who have the worst habits that have the least amount of freedom”

FU Money Explained in Under Two Minutes

Don’t sweat the details. It’s a comedy sketch, after all. 

Plus, in 2014, the $2.5 million dollars quoted is a huge amount for “just” FU Money – the script seems to conflate FU Money with full-blown Financial Independence.

The Simple Path to Wealth

Listen to how simple yet powerful investing in Index funds can be.

Two UK blogs worth knowing

The Escape Artist

The 3 numbers that can make you a millionaire

How to build a compounding machine


Why you must get out and stay out of debt

The really obvious thing we all forget when borrowing money

Two US blogs worth knowing

Mr. Money Mustache

The Shockingly Simple Math Behind Early Retirement

Money and Confidence are Interchangeable

The Collaborative Fund

Realistic Personal Finance Hacks

Financial Advice For My New Daughter

Save Like A Pessimist, Invest Like An Optimist